About Me

I am a scientist, code writer, and computer science enthusiast. I enjoy learning new languages and concepts and thinking about how to solve problems. I am drawn to small, elegant solutions more strongly than I am drawn to technical complexity. I strive to grasp fundamentals more than I strive to keep up with the latest trends.

The largest body of code I have worked on is a new tool for manipulating and visualizing magnetic resonance data. At any one time there is likely to be a plethora of smaller projects I am working on.

I have spent most of my professional career as a biochemist. I am fascinated by the analogies between living matter and code – in both you find complexity built up from simple components in layers, and you find very complex systems that can be understood in terms of a simple behavior. I often see analogies between code and everyday life – we program ourselves and our environments with algorithms every day.

This blog is about algorithms – often in the form of code, but not always.  A theme is that because the best algorithms in code often have analogies to things we do in everyday life, thinking deeply about one is a good way to learn about the other.   I aim for complete posts with working demonstrations, rather than lots of posts; therefore, the pace of posting is moderate, about once per month.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Its nice to know about you; God bless you and bring more success in your way; Aameen;

  2. You work on the resonance data reminded me of Reza Ali, brilliant guy that works on data visualization

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